Alexis Clark’s Key to Success

DJ Khaled has his, I have mine

Most of you are probably familiar with DJ Khaled, a rapper most known for his song “All I Do Is Win.” Well now the DJ is famous for something else, his snapchat. Daily he posts snapchat videos of his everyday life, including watering his plants, hot tubing, and even getting lost at sea on his jet ski. DJ Khaled also loves to tell his viewers and fans what his “keys to success” are. He repeatedly points things out, especially his Apple Ciroc, saying they are major keys to success. I think that I too have some awesome keys to success, maybe not as great as DJ Khaled but pretty close. Here are Alexis Clark’s 10 keys to MAJOR success. Enjoy!

  1. Tuna Tartare
    1. Its fresh, its delicious, and it always puts a smile on my face. Get some wong ton chips with it and you are golden. Plus it will make you feel super classy and important, which is a pretty main key to success.

  2. Chapstick
    1. Never leave home without it. Being known as the girl who “always has chapstick” is an honor and a position to strive to. My lips with never be cracked or chapped, because I always carry the solution with me. Plus, if you wear Lulu Lemons every day like I do, they have a built in pocket that is the perfect size for a nice container of Chapstick. MAJOR KEY, major.

  3. Visors
    1. Fresh. As. Hell. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. The key is to wear them in a new and creative way, including (but not exclusive to) upside-down, backwards, around your neck, or layered. No matter how you rock a visor, you will be swimming in success. (yes that is me and my visor says “Mom”)

  4. Jean Jackets
    1. This is a trend that I really wasn’t a fan of for a while. But once I purchased my slightly oversized, Levi’s jean jacket I understood. Wearing a jean jacket makes you feel like a classic 90s biddy. It has that look of “yeah I’m cool and chill but also a little crazy.” I have to say that owning a jean jacket and wearing it regularly is a MAJOR key to success.

  5. Trader Joes Cookies
    1. If you have never had the crispy, crunchy, chocolate chip cookies from Trader Joe’s then I’m sorry your life is sub par. These cookies make me smile more than most people. The way they melt in your mouth, and deliver a delicious chocolate chip cookie taste. They are also the perfect size for snacking, small enough for just one bite, so you can forget about crumbs in your bed. If you’re going to choose a cookie, these are the way to go, major key, major key.

  6. Converse
    1. Classic, sexy, cool. The perfect shoes for everyday wear. They give off a nice “I’m just a chill girl frolicking through life” vibe that I know everyone wants. So if you want to show the world your dope side, get yourself some Chucks, it’s a pretty major key.

  7. A Gold Cup
    1. Need I say more? It’s a gold cup. Obvious a MAJOR key.

  8. Candelabra
    1. Candles are the best things ever invented. But most candles seem a little elementary and ordinary. But if you have a candelabrum in your room, people will know that you exude pure class and maturity. A major key to showing the world your success and person style.

  9. Twinkle Lights
    1. Normal overhead light just doesn’t cut it. If your room isn’t glowing with the light of 700 small string lights then you’re doing something wrong. Close your eyes and imagine sitting on a soft bed with fluffy pillows and blankets surrounding you. The delicious scent of a candle fills your nostrils. Now imagine that you are all cuddled up under a pale, dingy, yellow light. The magic disappears. But now imagine that instead of fluorescents, magical little fairy lights are illuminating the room. Now try to convince me (and yourself) that fairy lights aren’t a major key to success.

  10. 10. Justin Bieber
    1. Last but not least, we have Justin Bieber (also widely known as Justice Beaver). If you don’t love Jbeibes then don’t even both apologizing, because it is too late to say sorry. He is a musical icon and his name should never been taken in vain. I am a belieber for life and my life will be infinitely better because of it. Justin Bieber, you are a major key, if not the most major key.


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