Europe Doesn’t Understand Nachos

My quest for the perfect nachos while abroad

I am in Europe studying abroad and I am having an absolutely amazing time, but one thing is really bothering me….

Europeans don’t understand the concept of good nachos. There really isn’t any other way to put it; the term “nachos” in Europe refers to a complete fraud compared to the truly delicious real nachos that I am used to in the United States. This is becoming a serious issue for me because I absolutely love nachos. My love for “chos”, as I affectionately call them, started at a young age and has not wavered in my twenty years of existence. I eat chos at least once or twice a week and thought I could always count of them to make me feel better.

I have certain expectations when it comes to my nachos, and I don’t think that my criteria is excessive or too much to ask for. When I order a plate of nachos I expect to see nicely toasted corn tortilla chips with melted cheese oozing evenly over the top, like a nice snowfall over the Alps. There should be scoops of red salsa, fresh guac and cold sour cream evenly distributed over the pile, with jalapeños sprinkled in between like confetti. And if you aren’t vegetarian (like me) there should be a good amount of meat covering the chips, and small pieces too, not just one hunk of meat. See! I’m not asking for some crazy elaborate dish, just some nice quality chos to brighten my day and fill my stomach with happiness. In Europe, however, they’ve decided multiple times to serve me some sort of knock off stadium nacho plate that pains my heart to even look at.

So far I have visited three European countries: Prague, Hungary and Germany. In every country, I mistakenly got my hopes up and ordered a plate of nachos off the menu. Each time, my heart sunk as they delivered us a bowl of lukewarm chips on a plate with two tiny bowls filled with greasy, orange cheese dip and subpar salsa. No one deserves that. Absolutely no one. Nachos should be respected and served as the wonderful food that they are.

Now, I know that I may sound like an annoying American who doesn’t understand the difference in cultures and traditional meals, but nachos should be universal. I can respect the fact that when I ordered French toast. it was just deep fried bread without cinnamon, and I moved on. Nachos are different. Maybe we haven’t been to the right place yet, or maybe haven’t looked hard enough for good nachos, but either way I am disappointed and distraught. Have no fear, I will never give up my quest for quality nachos. Even if it takes me to every corner of Europe, I will find the kind of chos that make people sob tears of happiness.

Now here are some mouth watering photos of nachos…


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  1. We certainly have better nachos in the UK… They’re one of my favourite snacks 😉
    But, any from the cinema, stadiums or tourist spots are pretty poor! This said, even the best Nachos don’t compare to the American ones… I found I’ve been deprived on a recent trip to the states!! Check out my all american road trip if you’re interested 🙂 :


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