Proof That Donald Trump Is The Drunk Uncle

Not so funny now…

For those of you who have no idea who the “Drunk Uncle” is, let me introduce you…

Drunk Uncle is a character on Saturday Night Live played by the talented Bobby Moynihan. He is infamous for his outrageous, nonsensical remarks, many of which coincide with Republican candidate Donald Trump’s thoughts. On Saturday, November 7th, Trump hosted SNL and Drunk Uncle appeared on the Weekend Update to share his tear-jerking support for the presidential candidate. This lead many to realize how similar the Drunk Uncle really is to Donald Trump.

Similarity #1: Neither man can make a definitive decision on which political party they should be in.

Back in 1987 when Donald Trump registered to vote for the first time he identified as a Republican. But after twelve years of kicking it with the Grand Old Party, Trump decided that his views coincided closer with that of the Independence Party. This change only lasted two years, before the businessman decided to jump on the liberal train. Trump identified as a Democrat for eight years before he meandered back to the Republican side, where he has stayed since. Well except for that time between December 2011 and April 2012 where he “did not wish to enroll in a party.” It seems as if Donald Trump is in the same state of denial as the Drunk Uncle.

Similarity #2: Both men have seen the downfall of our country, and want to make America great again (focusing on immigration reform).

Donald Trump agrees with the Drunk Uncle’s opinion that our country is struggling, due to the new generations priorities, and the issue of immigration reform. As a 69 year old man, Trump doesn’t understand the appeal of social media or selfies. The presidential candidate feels so strongly that the United States is suffering, that he made his campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again!” Maybe Trump and the Drunk Uncle can make a PSA urging young voters to stop taking selfies and focus on fixing our great country. The Drunk Uncle also commented on an issue that Trump feels very strongly about, immigration.

Similarity #3: Drunk Uncle (and his drunk friends) have made no attempt to hide their disdain for illegal immigrants in this country, and neither has Donald Trump.

There are countless instances where the Drunk Uncle voiced his less-than sensitive opinions of illegal immigrants in our country. Although the SNL parody does exaggerate these comments, Donald Trump has made a few remarks of his own that could fit in with their script. One quote from a speech in June particularly shows how Trump sometimes channels the Drunk Uncle’s word vomit. Trump stated that, “when Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.” Maybe if the presidential race doesn’t work out, Trump could work as a guest writer on Saturday Night Live.

Similarity #4: The Mexican border.

A main goal of Donald Trump’s campaign is to crack down on illegal immigration, focusing on a wall separating us from our Southern neighbor. Trump’s controversial remarks about our country’s “need” for a giant wall have left many wondering why we are allowing him to continue his campaign. If Trump succeeds in his quest for the presidency, the border between Mexico and the United States might not be so blurred anymore. And if that is the case, then maybe the Drunk Uncle could stop by the White House and help Trump design it.

Stay fabulous Drunk Uncle.


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